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Obama Thinks America Owes Him A Debt Of Gratitude For His “Accomplishments.” We Disagree.

The more we see of this lame duck President, the more we see the real him – the egomaniac that’s more about ideology and a sense of entitlement than anyone fit to serve this country.

In Barack Obama’s final press conference to the nation, he mentioned a few of his accomplishments, namely that America, in his eyes, is more respected, stronger, has had no terrorist attacks on US soil since he took office. He also thinks the economy is doing better than ever, clearly giving himself one hell of a pat on the back.

What a buffoon.

Obama, here’s what you don’t understand. Once you take off your blinders and see thing as they truly are, you’ll understand that it wasn’t the media, Russian hackers, or neo­Nazis that elected Donald Trump to take your place. It was your failed policies.

The fact that terrorism was on the rise, despite you not wantring to call Islamic terrorism what it is, speaks volumes.

The fact that you want to marginalize the Orlando shooting, San Bernardino shooting, Chattanooga shooting and Dallas cop killing as anything other than terrorism, speaks volumes.

The fact that you made a deal with Iran and handed them a cash ransom for illegally detained soldiers, while they laughed in your face along with the rest of the Muslim world, speaks volumes.

The fact that you left the country $20 trillion in debt with no way to ever pay for it, speaks volumes.

The fact that less people are in the workforce than have been in the 1970s, speaks volumes.

The fact that Obamacare makes it impossible for nearly anyone to afford healthcare, yet you think it’s a godsend, speaks volumes.

The country owes you nothing, and come January, your legacy will be whittled down to a guy who made some funny YouTube videos. Your policies will be nothing more than a footnote in history, and I, and countless other Americans can’t wait until you leave.

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