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UN Wages War Against Western Culture, Judeo-Christian Civilization

On the heels of reports that Christianity was the most persecuted religion in 2016, we find that the UN is no friend of the Christian faith.  Of course, the UN is no friend of America or Israel either for that matter. It never seems to miss an opportunity to take a swipe at America’s leaders, unless those leaders happen to be confirmed globalists such as Obama or Clinton.

The UN is truly an organization that has never lived up to its expectations. Wars continue. Genocide continues. Religious persecution continues. The UN sits there, impotent. About the best the group can do is issue some condemnations, usually directed at the protagonists in a conflict, or appoint a bunch of despots to committees purportedly to establish justice. Just close the thing down and be done with it.

One more piece of evidence of not only the uselessness, but also the danger of the UN can be seen in its war on Christianity.  More on page two.


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